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Sardinian silver filigree pendant (15 mm)

Handcrafted pendant in burnished 925/1000 silver inspired by the sunflower.

Sardinian filigree brings the petals to life with a zigzag pattern adorned with small granules, creating a light effect that evokes the delicacy of flowers. The center of the sunflower is represented by an elaborate honeycomb-like pattern that captures the complexity of the flower's pistils and seeds. The precise and intricate details of the filigree add a touch of realism to the piece of jewelry.

The Sardinian pendant is handcrafted using techniques such as Sardinian filigree, honeycomb pattern, granulation, and lost-wax casting. It is finished and assembled by hand. The adjustable black waxed cotton cord is included in the price.

Flower diameter: 15 mm.

The Girasole collection is a line of Sardinian filigree jewelry that carries a symbolic meaning rich in positivity: the sunflower is known for its movement towards the sun during the day, symbolizing light, hope, and positive energy. Its imposing size conveys a sense of strength. This flower is a symbol of the beauty and power of the sun.
  • Code: CNA-281-C-VR-SP
  • Materials: Silver 925/1000
  • Manufacturing: Honeycomb, Granulation, Lost wax casting, Filigree
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