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Cotton rope bracelet with silver filigree disc (21 mm)

Cotton rope bracelet with silver 925/1000 corbula disc. The bracelet is totally handmade realized with filigree and the lost wax technique. Nickel free.

Disc diameter: mm 21.

Sardinian corbula jewelry is made with the technique of spiral filigree, used in traditional jewelry such as Sardinian buttons. "Sa corbula" was the traditional basket, handmade by the skilled hands of the artisans.

The meaning of Sardinian corbula jewelry is related to the basket: the spiral shape is a dedication to the female figure that contains and generates life, protects and nourishes, is a symbol of good luck, a call to prosperity.

The jewels corbula are simple and elegant, able to capture the eye with their brilliant spirals, the protagonists of Spirals Line.

  • Code: BRA-049_E_BR
  • Materials: Silver 925/1000
  • Manufacturing: Lost wax casting, Spiral filigrana
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