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Jun 2024 14

Cork, our choice for more sustainable jewelry

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The sinuous lines of plants, the subtle details of petals, and the intricate structures of shells, nature has always been an inexhaustible source of inspiration for our creations. Elegant and delicate forms that we have translated into filigree jewelry collections dedicated to natural elements. That chromatic cheerfulness is also reflected in the choice of floral brocades and vibrant colored gems, which mirror natural landscapes, from the green of forests to the deep blue of the Mediterranean.

In a world increasingly looking towards sustainability, we have chosen to move from mere formal reference to the use of a natural material. A choice that represents our commitment to more responsible jewelry.

Our new cork choker represents the perfect fusion of tradition and sustainable innovation: silver filigree, crafted using ancient artisanal techniques, is combined with cork, a completely natural and ecological material. Its flexibility and lightness make it comfortable to wear for long periods of time, and thanks to its warm tone, cork is the ideal material for pairing with many jewelry styles, especially silver.

Sardinia is historically known for cork bark harvesting. The island hosts a vast expanse of oak forests, mainly in the central-western region, where the climate and soil are favorable for the growth of these trees. Cork oaks undergo "stripping," the removal of the outer bark, in a process that does not harm the tree.

We believe that sustainability should not involve a compromise on quality or design but rather enhance them. The craftsmanship, at the heart of our production, emphasizes the constructive quality of the jewelry and its durability. The use of cork, an uncommon material in jewelry, presents us with new design challenges, stimulating the search for innovative shapes and new combinations.

A piece of jewelry that looks to the future with roots in tradition, where sustainability and design meet in a dedication to our land.