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Sep 2023 7

Sardinian Jewelry and Brocade

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Sardinia is the custodian of precious artisanal traditions, those knowledge, representations, and artistic expressions that are an integral part of the island's cultural heritage. Among these, weaving is one of the most well-known and appreciated arts, always vibrant and relevant thanks to a continuous dialogue with the contemporary world. It serves as a bridge between generations, allowing for innovation while preserving its authenticity and artisanal production.

In the past, weaving was closely tied to the daily life and practical needs of the population. Sardinian women, in particular, have been the keepers of this tradition, passing down their knowledge and skills through time. The choice of fabric often depended on the intended use of the final product, local traditions, and the availability of raw materials in the area. Sardinian weaving is characterized by a wide range of artistic expression: different regions of the island, such as Logudoro, Barbagia, Campidano, and Ogliastra, have developed unique styles and techniques over the centuries. The materials used primarily include linen, silk, cotton, and wool; patterns and decorations often draw inspiration from the surrounding nature, from flowers to the sea that embraces Sardinia.


The idea of combining goldsmithing and weaving, the two reigning forms of Sardinian artistic craftsmanship, has always fascinated us. These are two arts that share a strong connection with the island's culture and a deep bond with its history. For our jewelry, we have chosen a vibrant and colorful fabric rich in symbols: Sardinian brocade.

Brocade is a type of fabric characterized by a textured weave with intricate decorations, primarily made with silk threads but also occasionally incorporating wool or cotton threads. The uniqueness of Sardinian brocade lies in its weave, which features intricate floral and animal motifs skillfully intertwined. The decorations are achieved through a meticulous weaving process that creates a precise raised effect on the fabric's surface. Thanks to its artisanal mastery and inherent beauty, brocade represents one of the most prized and cherished textiles of Sardinia.

Brocade is widely used in traditional Sardinian clothing, primarily for decorating the key pieces of women's attire, such as skirts, vests, and aprons. The choice of brocade enhances the beauty, elegance, and sophistication of these different elements while also bearing witness to the exceptional skill and creativity of local weavers.


In the Telarzu, Cori Meu, and Sole collections, the intricate weave and raised decorations of Sardinian brocade become a highly artistic element in the jewelry. They exemplify the ongoing evolution of the island's artisanal tradition, which continuously draws inspiration and renews itself while preserving its symbols and symbolic meanings.