Ceramic pendant by Laura Puggioni ´Sa Franda´ | Bijoux | RR Orafi in Sassari
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Ceramic pendant by Laura Puggioni ´Sa Franda´

Ceramic pendant completely handmade by Laura Puggioni. The 'Sa Franda' pendant proposes the shapes and rich embroideries of the aprons of the traditional Sardinian dress. The designs are made using the techniques of engraving with bolt on clay previously laid and engobed, polychrome enamels and glossy on opaque backgrounds.

Dimensions: 33x6 mm

The craftswoman:

Laura Puggioni studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sassari, and then refined the techniques of pottery working at a workshop in Nuoro, a city where she will give life to her workshop 'Sinzos', from the word Signs. The craftswoman uses various working techniques and different types of clay, often combined with materials such as fabrics, woods and metals. Her personalestile allows her to create artefacts of various shapes, a combination of modernity and tradition, with references to the entire Sardinian artisan culture.

"I love the sign: like the imprint that the pencil impresses on a white sheet of paper. I love the decoration: the brush that flows creating a painting. I love: the sensation of soft, elastic ceramics that transforms in my hands." Laura Puggioni
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