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Gold pendant ´Su Coccu´ with geode

Pendant 'Su Coccu' composed of a black agate geode enclosed between two cups in 750/1000 gold (18kt), entirely handmade using the Sardinian filigree technique and loose wire. The adjustable black waxed cotton cord is included in the price.

Stone diameter: 16 mm. Cup diameter: 13 mm.

Su Coccu is an ancient amulet, one of the most widespread in Sardinia, also known as Pinnadellu or Sabegia. In Sardinian culture, this amulet brings good luck and has the power to protect the person from the evil eye, venomous animals, and alleviate ailments. Tradition holds that the central stone (onyx or obsidian) is capable of neutralizing and defending against evil. Due to the rounded shape of the stone and the silver cups that support it, Su Coccu symbolically evokes the good eye opposing the evil one. In the past, the amulet was given to newborns or brides, passed down from generation to generation. Today, Su Coccu is incorporated into contemporary design jewelry, while maintaining its precious meaning.

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  • Code: CN-427
  • Materials: Gold 750/1000
  • Manufacturing: Entirely handcrafted, Filigree
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